Proclaim your genius in the world. Let your mug speak for you. “Don't Disturb, Genius at Work” with its brilliantly stylized artwork will do the trick for you. White Ceramic, C-handled mug. Mug measures 3 inch wide by 3.7 inch tall. Mug can hold 11 Oz of your favorite drink. Dishwasher Safe. Microwaveable. Mug comes in an attractive Hot Muggs packaging.Can be used as a coffee mug or a mug for any of your favorite beverages (Hot / Cold). Ideal Gift. Only One (1) Mug. If you see two mugs in the picture, it is there to show both the sides of the mug. In case the problem persists, feel free to write to us and get a free replacement.Please ensure that you are getting an original Hot Muggs branded product and not a duplicate or a fake. In case of doubts or queries or any other quality issues,we request you to get in touch with us through amazon and we shall be happy to resolve your problems, before you leave any adverse feedback.

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